Summary of He and I by Gabrielle Bossis


In this timeless spiritual classic, Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – shares her experience of hearing the inner voice of Jesus in the core of her being.

Recorded in her diary from 1936 to 1950, their tender exchanges capture Gabrielle’s transformative spiritual journey as her doubt evolves into confidence. But they also capture Jesus’ enduring presence in our daily lives, his insistence on serving others with kindness, and his encompassing love for humanity-and show that you, too, can experience an intimacy with Christ.

Overall, my favourite topic was the different ways Jesus expressed His desire to be totally one in love with Gabrielle & the simple ways to live this out through simple sayings, like “we’re together,” or simple acts, like smiling at Jesus.

Here are my top 10 favourite quotes, with reflections:

1. “Give all your loving attention to each little moment. Think of this all your life through. Nothing of the past. Nothing of the future. Only the present moment of love.” 130

Reflection: How well am I living in the present moment right now? Or am I too caught up with things of the past or future?

2. “Smile in your soul when you look at Me.” 39

Reflection: Do I smile during my times of prayer? Do I smile when I think of Jesus?

3. “Practice being more attractive for love’s sake. You could do immense good with an affectionate look and a smile. If you keep yourself for yourself, you are your own slave. But if you go to meet people with delicate thoughtfulness, you bring peace and rest; you give the balm of Gilead. How a smile from you would have soothed X this morning if you hadn’t shut yourself up in your ivory tower. There is a demon called the spirit of contradiction; he fraternizes with the spirit of self-seeking. “Remember that love is not puffed up with pride and that it will never pass away. What you do for yourself will perish miserably. What you do for others, for the love of Me, will go on re-echoing throughout all eternity. 278

Reflection: Do I smile at others? How kind am I in conversations?

4. “Oneness. I come back to this thought again and again. Why do you live all alone when you can be in Me at every moment? In Me: that’s heaven itself without the face-to-face vision and the rapture. Then practice this at-onement… Act just as though you could see Me. It’s such good practice for your faith. And faith brings hope and love.” 140

Reflection: Do I act as though I can see Jesus? Or do I live all alone? Am I one with Jesus?

5. “We’re together. We’re together. Say it over and over again like the rhythm of love’s breathing.” 304

Reflection: Am I together with Jesus? Try saying this throughout the day, “we’re together…”

6. “Vary your ways of loving. Charm Me. Be at My feet in humility like Mary Magdalene; or on My heart, resting there like John; or taking care of Me like My mother; or glorifying Me, as in heaven; or taking your place with Me beneath the Spirit hovering above our heads.” 204

Reflection: What are the different ways I love Jesus? Are there any ways Jesus listed that I should focus on?

7. “A presence . . . How much there is in a presence! You do everything—work, prayers, thinking, talking—just as though I were there, and I actually am there. Don’t you find this infinitely wonderful? When you wake up, I’m there. When you rest, I’m there. So you can say, ‘He never leaves Me alone.’ This is what makes your solitude divine. 89

Reflection: Do I live as if Jesus is present in all my activities of the day? What activity is hardest to believe in His presence with me?

8. “Invite Me often to be present in your life, as though you gave Me a ticket for a concert. And keep Me a place of honour in the front row, as if you were concerned that I miss nothing of the spectacle, this spectacle of your daily acts, all lived for Me.” 342

Reflection: How would my life be different Jesus was watching my every move like He had a front row seat at a concert?

9. After Communion. “Enjoy Me. Give yourself a rest from saying prayers so that you may enjoy My love.” 62

Reflection: How well do I rest in the love of God after Holy Communion?

10. “Here is a way of doing everything well: act as though you had just left the Communion table, and you will see how your interior life blossoms out in peaceful communion with your heart.” 100

Reflection: How would my life be different if I lived in this way?

A selection of quotes to go deeper:

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