Quotes on Prayer | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about prayer:

“Don’t aim at saying an exact number of wordy prayers. Just love Me simply. A look of your heart. The tender smile of a friend.” 37

“Talk to Me. For Me there is no sweeter prayer.” 52

“Don’t say your prayers just to get them finished, but saturate your soul with love. Otherwise it would be better to say less. 61

“Don’t get the idea that it is the greatest number of prayers that touches your God. It’s the way you speak to Him. Be irresistible in love, abandonment, and humility. 95

Place your heart between My fingers as a harp with its strings tuned and stretched and I’ll make music that will ravish earth and heaven. Would you like to be that instrument again?” “Yes, Lord, and with such joy!” 296

“Why do I ask you to pray? Because prayer is to grace as the lighted match to the candle. You get the picture: the first effort is man’s; then comes God. Always oneness. Never God alone. Never man alone. But God and man working together. This is the law of My love. Isn’t it beautiful? Why should you try to escape it? Wouldn’t you find greater joy in hastening our reunion by your calling desires and your cries of love? What delight it gives Me to be invited by your hearts! “So don’t be reticent. If you want Me, tell Me so. I mean pray—sink deep down into the remembrance of Me and talk to Me in a direct look. That’s what prayer is—the prayer that asks, the prayer that praises and thanks, the prayer that loves. Don’t you think that the direct look of love is very eloquent?” 319-320

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