Quotes on the Holiness | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about holiness:

“To become holy, you must first of all desire to be holy. You are born for that alone.” 38

“Are you another Jesus Christ? This is the secret of all holiness.” 44

“Try to avoid the smallest faults. This is your work, since you have been called to holiness, and holiness is the absence of any willful faults. It’s a work of love. Of love . . . do you understand?” 71

“Why should you begrudge the help you give your neighbours. Don’t forget that in serving them you are serving Me. That should give you courage, and you’ll need great courage to become holy. Never lose sight of the goal: holiness; that means to be always in readiness for Me, to belong to Me utterly. It’s so very simple; believe Me. Would I ever ask anything that was too difficult for you? Just live in My love—holy, one moment at a time. 130

To be holy means to be always ready for Me, keeping close to Me, like other Christs. 148

“If you love to please Me, then why not aim at holiness? Seek the help of the Holy Spirit often for this. Let Him possess you; ask Him to do so in My name. 159

I was thinking of the five percent discounts and I said to myself, “Will we ever be able to get holiness, too, more easily?” “You can’t compute holiness like a column of figures. A single act of love with absolute abandonment and trust can make a saint even at the moment of death. 219

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