Prophecy on her book | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here is what Jesus said to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about the success of her book.

I was hearing of the enthusiastic remarks made by readers of Lui et moi (He and I). “Thank You, Lord, for all these choice graces that You are scattering about in secret.” “You don’t know them all. Only in heaven will you learn about them and what joy this will be for you! I like to explore hearts by means of our little book. Many people read and are pierced by one of My straight arrows. Others dare not believe in so much love and remain on the border of reality. A few close the book without wanting to understand. But believe Me, many are utterly astonished and try to imitate this intimate love that never strays but seeks all ways and means of charming, consoling, and rejoicing Me with new tenderness. 323

For the full summary go here.

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