Quotes on the Eucharist | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about the Eucharist:

After Communion. “Enjoy Me. Give yourself a rest from saying prayers so that you may enjoy My love.” 62

I had so great a desire that everyone, everyone, might receive the sacrament of My love, since I came to invent it for you. And I saw all the benefits that you would find in it. But in My agony, I also saw desecrations and sacrileges; I saw what I had done with such love become an object of hatred and loss. What an exchange for the infinite delicacy of My love! And I was alone in My suffering.” 99

“Here is a way of doing everything well: act as though you had just left the Communion table, and you will see how your interior life blossoms out in peaceful communion with your heart.” 100

When My children receive Communion in the morning, I wait during the day for their little visit of thanks. Haven’t I deserved it? Just think what it means to receive Communion. How heartless not to say thank you! I gave all of Myself to My little children. Whoever wants Me may take Me. And those who receive, receive all heaven, for heaven is your Christ. But don’t ever take such an immense favour for granted. Think of each Communion as a first Communion. 127

Today’s Communion is different from yesterday’s and tomorrow’s; the grace I give is always unique. God’s love is infinite and creative. 128

“In the Host My heart is beating as it did on earth, as it does in heaven. There are not many hearts of Christ. There is only one. Believe without the shadow of a doubt in My Presence here before you and comfort Me by bringing your heart close to Mine. Look how alone I am in this empty church. I knew it would be like this. And yet I instituted My Eucharist. I would feed even a single soul. Speak with the Host as with your most gentle and intimate friend. The Host is listening to you, and you may be sure that you are most dearly loved. Breathe freely. Relax. 131

“All night long I waited for you in My Eucharist — waited to give Myself to you in the morning. Why should this astonish you? You believe in My presence in the tabernacle, don’t you? You believe in My immense love? Then put the two together. And when you wake up during the night, look at the one who is already longing for the dawn to bring you to Him. This will quicken your love and give you confidence in My power.” 199-200

“Take your place near Me where John is as I institute My Eucharist. Look at My happiness. I seem to forget even My fearful passion that is about to begin, so completely am I engulfed in the love of man. Not just the Eleven, but all the people to come, even to the very last at the end of time. You understand, it’s as though I took everyone—all of you—in My body, promising you to be members of it. The thirst for union with you is so great that I want to be consumed by you in order to merge our minds, our beings. I want to be your thinking and your doing. 262

“You remember in the gospel it is written that only to touch the hem of My robe brought healing. “And you feed upon Me; you possess Me utterly. What is not My power in you to heal you, change you, completely transform you in a single instant? Believe that. Do you really believe it?” 280

Visit to the Blessed Sacrament. I said, “Do I even know that I love You? What a strange love one gives to someone one has never seen.” “That is the love that pleases Me. What merit would there be in loving Me after you had seen Me? This is the test of life. Pass through it victoriously.” 77

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