Quotes on Smiling at Jesus | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about smiling at Jesus:

“Smile in your soul when you look at Me.” 39

“Don’t get the idea that you are speaking to a memory, a past ideal, a remote God. You are speaking to Me, fully alive in you. To your ever-present Presence. And when you speak to Me or My mother, speak with a loving smile. You know that special welcome of yours that people admire? Give it to Me. Come to Me alive with joy, serenity, and tenderness. It will transform our relations. It means an effort on your part, but how consoling! Don’t you find it so? It’s like family life. You see, what I’m always seeking in My people is this life of intimacy with Me.” 174-5

In the street I smiled at a passerby who returned my smile. “It’s like that when your heart smiles at Me. I smile back.” 178

“My helper? You can be. By accepting events that are the expression of God’s will. By sunny submission—your smile adorns your soul; I always look for it in all your dealings with Me. It’s like love moved to tenderness, like a caress during an effort of the will. When you smile, your work wears a diadem. 184

“And season everything with joy. It adds to God’s glory. Would the father of a family be happy if his children came to serve him in fear, with long faces? When you approach Me, My little girl, be full of joy, like a happy child. You are thinking, ‘He’s always asking me for inward smiles.’ Could you believe that even though I am God I need the smiles of My children, because your happiness is essential to Me? Who can comprehend this? Who can even bear such a thought? But believe. For it is My love that speaks, and you must listen to My voice in a way that you listen to no other.” 241

Smile when you speak to Me, believing that this makes Me happy. And if you think of the joy you give Me, won’t you come closer and more happily to Me, as though you were in My heart? 299

A smile is a happy amen. And give the same to the people around you. They need joy and kindness so much. 311

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