Quotes on Loving Others | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about loving others:

“Smile at everyone. I’ll make your smile a blessing to others.” 25

Try to be My smile and My kind voice for everybody.” 25

“Today I’ll take every smile of yours for Myself.” So I decided to smile at everything and everybody. 36

“You understand, if you keep smiling before My face, you will always have a smile for others, and it will warm their hearts.” 108

“My little girl, you may be sure of this, that even though I am no longer on earth, your neighbour is there. And your desire to love Me, to receive Me, to serve Me, and to give Me rest, as in the home of Martha and Mary, may be realized in what you do for others. How ready you would be to smile at everyone if you could only see your Jesus in them. So remember this and don’t economize your kindness. It is I Myself who will receive it all. I have a thousand ways of responding to those who try to please Me. 134

“Take the initiative in love. Above all, don’t lose your smile. Give it to Me so that I may bless it.” 201

“Practice being more attractive for love’s sake. You could do immense good with an affectionate look and a smile. If you keep yourself for yourself, you are your own slave. But if you go to meet people with delicate thoughtfulness, you bring peace and rest; you give the balm of Gilead. How a smile from you would have soothed X this morning if you hadn’t shut yourself up in your ivory tower. There is a demon called the spirit of contradiction; he fraternizes with the spirit of self-seeking. “Remember that love is not puffed up with pride and that it will never pass away. What you do for yourself will perish miserably. What you do for others, for the love of Me, will go on re-echoing throughout all eternity. 278

“Try to see Me more clearly in those around you and your entire association with others will be transformed.” 211

“I often say to you, ‘Get outside of yourself.’ Be outgoing for others. If you approach them without affection, you fall short of your purpose. But if you act in a heartwarming manner, you win them. And to win someone for Me . . . And be joyous. Joy is the hallmark of love. 282

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