Summary of God Images by Bill Gaultiere

The Basics:

2 Ways to Discover Your God Images:

  1. Questionnaire (click here)
  2. Experiential Exercise (click here)

The 14 False God images:

  1. Preoccupied, Managing Director God (click here)
  2. Statue God (click here)
  3. Robber God (click here)
  4. Vain Pharisee God (click here)
  5. Elitist Aristocrat God (click here)
  6. Pushy Salesman God (click here)
  7. Magic Genie God (click here)
  8. Demanding Drill Sergeant God (click here)
  9. Out to Get You Police Detective God (click here)
  10. Unjust Dictator God (click here)
  11. Marshmallow God (click here)
  12. Critical Scrooge God (click here)
  13. Party Pooper God (click here)
  14. Heartbreaker God (click here)

Resources Used:

  • Mistaken Identity Book by Bill Gaultiere (click here)
  • Podcasts on God Images by Dr. Peter Malinowski (click here)

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