14. Heartbreaker God

Unloving God-Image: Indian Giver (Heartbreaker) God

  • Description: Indian Giver God is an inconsistent heartbreaker; backs away from you when you need him; breaks his promises to you. Heavenly heartbreaker. God keeps letting you down. 
  • Potential Reasons for this God-Image: Your parents were very friendly, warm but not adequate to protect you. Your parents were afraid to stand up for you. Your father was weak, absent, and passive. They might have got divorced too and you’re heartbroken. Alternatively, this Marshmallow God can develop when your parents were overprotective and you felt weak and incapable of standing up for yourself. You felt totally dependent on your parents. And then you projected this on God. And thought you must be nice to be like God. As you grew up, God seemed passive and just lets things unfold without intervening in this world. God doesn’t punish those who go wrong. Puts no limits on abuse. You don’t think God wants you to stand up for yourself. You feel defenseless and taken advantage of. 

Unlovable Self-Image: I Get Let Down (“Disappointed Darla”).

  • Description: Since Indian Giver God,
  • You don’t feel worth God’s consistent and steadfast care. You’re afraid to trust God lest He leave you when you need Him. You never get what God promises. 
  • Scripture Passage:

Loving God-Image: Steadfast God (“”) 

  • Description: God is eternally and consistently reliable. He perseveres with you and supports you even if it causes him to suffer. He gives himself to you without fail. He never breaks his promises. 
  • Scripture Passage: Jesus calls Peter after his rejection (to heal wounds of shame & fear). 

Lovable Self-Image: I’m secure.

  • Description: I’m worth God’s consistent and secure support. I don’t need to fear because God is always with me, even in trouble; I always receive God’s promises in their time. 
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