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My Biggest Mistake Ever | Homily for 3rd Sunday of Easter (Year C)

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In Vitro Fertilization | An Interview with Stephanie Gray Connors | Episode 3

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Litany of Holiness (for beginners) by Fr. Richard Conlin For the iTunes podcast version, go here. O Jesus, source of all holiness, Hear me.  From the lie that I cannot be a Saint, Deliver me, Jesus. From the lie that I cannot be a Saint due to my past … [Read more...]

POEM | Graves into Gardens (Easter Sunday Poem) When Christ rose from the dead, the heavens rejoiced with great cheer, For Adam's grave was turned back into a garden, casting out eternal fear. No more graveyard shifts for our Blessed Lord, but peaceful … [Read more...]

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POEM | Lukewarm by Fr. Richard Conlin When Jesus came to the Upper Room, they were shocked by what he said. Our Lord claimed that His own flesh, was now their daily Bread. To set eleven hearts on fire with love, was worth the costly … [Read more...]

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Summary of Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul by Dr. Jay Richards For the podcast episode, click here. 3 Summary Points: 1 - Reality Check Fasting used to be a normal part of the Christian lifestyle. Jesus fasted. The apostles fasted. All the Saints throughout history … [Read more...]

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