Summary of God Images by Bill Gaultiere

The Basics: What are God images? (click here) What are false God images? (click here) 2 Ways to Discover Your God Images: Questionnaire (click here) Experiential Exercise (click here) The 14 False God images: Preoccupied, … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way to Pray with Scripture | RAP

I find the easiest way to pray with Scripture is to use a method I call "RAP" The 1st Step is to Read. If we want to hear God in our prayer, the first step is reading well. Read the passage as if it is your 1st time, your last time, … [Read more...]

Blessed Carlo Acutis on the Sacrament of Confession

Here are 3 images that Blessed Carlo Acutis used to help us understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation: 1. A hot-air balloon ride. “The smallest flaw keeps us anchored to the earth, just like balloons that are held down by a string that you … [Read more...]

3 Questions to Determine Your Spiritual Progress by Fr. Thomas Dubay

In the first chapter of his book, Saints: A Closer Look, Fr. Thomas Dubay states that the #1 trait of all saints is that they are "head over heels in love with God... "madly in love" with God" (9). To make this more concrete and practical, he states … [Read more...]