Experiential Exercise to Discover God Image

Create a space and time for this – quiet not likely to be disturbed, for at least 10 minutes.  Shut your phone off, close out email, have a pen and paper or a recording device handy. No pressing engagements, no hurry.  This is not therapy, but it is an experiential exercise to help you learn about yourself.   

Break Point.  


Big open heart toward yourself.  Willingness to really know yourself, the secrets of your own heart.   Willingness to accept whatever you find in your heart, in your soul, in your mind, in your body.  To hear what you might not have been willing or able to hear before.  A willingness to be surprised.  

I’m going to ask you two simple questions and I want you to write down the first things that comes to mind, unfiltered, uncensored.  Stop the podcast after each one to write your responses down, as fast as they come to mind, your responses.  Or, if you prefer, record your responses as you say them out loud.  The important thing is to put your initial, uncensored, unfiltered responses into words so you can be able to work with them in an entirely different way.  You can stop at any time if this seems too uncomfortable.  

Who is God? 

Who am I?

Note the parts of your responses that stand out to you.  Reasons for each of the responses.  Some of this may really be obvious.  

Action item: Reach out to someone about what you wrote down.  Share it, discuss it in relationship with someone else in the mystical body of Christ,  your confessor, spiritual direction, a friend, your spouse, somebody.

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