10. Unjust Dictator God

Unloving God-Image: Unjust Dictator God

  • Description: Unjust Dictator God is a powerful and unfair authority figure. He’s unjust – He punishes you even if you’re good and blesses others even if they’re bad. He also doesn’t punish those who hurt you. 
  • Potential Reasons for this God-Image: You parents seemed unfair and arbitrary in the ways you were punished growing up. You didn’t feel like your parent’s favorite child growing up, no matter what you did. As you grew up, you became highly aware of unjust situations and tended to complain about them.  

Unlovable Self-Image: I’m not treated fairly (“Ripped-Off Ron”).

  • Description: Since Unjust Dictator God is an unfair authority figure, you feel like you always get the raw deal. Over time, you begin to think that you deserve to be punished by God… even if you’re good. And you don’t think you deserve God to stand up for you. You question your self-worth: “Why does He love others and not me? What’s so bad about myself?”
  • Scripture Passage: “My soul longs for your salvation; I put my hope in your word. My eyes long to see your promise. When will you comfort me? I am like a wineskin shriveled by smoke, but I have not forgotten your statutes. How long can your servant survive? When will your judgment doom my foes? The arrogant have dug pits for me; defying your law. Help me! I am pursued without cause” (Psalm 119:81-86). 

Loving God-Image: Fair God (“”) 

  • Description: God is holy, just, and honest; He is a fair authority who disciplines me for my good; He blesses me for serving Him; He punishes those who unjustly wrong me. 
  • Scripture Passage: Jesus 

Lovable Self-Image: I’m fairly governed.

  • Description: I’m worth being treated fairly by God; I’m disciplined by God only in love and for my good; I’m rewarded by God for my faithfulness to Him; I deserve for God to stand up for me when I’ve been wrong. 

Prodigal father OR Merciful Judge

  • New Testament – Jesus reveals to us that…
  • He is unjust in a way… mercy triumphs over judgment. 
  • Sacrament of Confession – heals this God image. 

Instead of unjust dictator:

  • On the cross
  • took all of our
  • Bridegroom? or this VS. Angry Dad?
  • divine mercy image
  • loving Father – instead. 


Cruel Task-Master (slave or orphan)  VS. Loving Father (son)

  • Jesus – baptism in Jordan

Business Owner VS. Co-worker

  • Jesus – I no longer call you servants but friends. 
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