Quotes on Suffering | He and I by Gabrielle Bossis

Here are some words Jesus spoke to Gabrielle Bossis – a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century – about suffering:

“Don’t fail to give Me your sufferings. They help sinners.” 28

“Give Me your suffering. No one can give it to Me in heaven. Give it to Me.” 37

“Now that you have given Me your suffering, ponder on Mine.” 37

As I was asking the Blessed Virgin for a conversion. “A soul is costly. It takes time, sacrifices. Suffer for it. Unite your sufferings with Mine so that they may be more pleasing to the Father.” 52

“If you suffer alone you are poor. But if you unite your sufferings with Mine, you are rich.” 67

And never suffer outside of My love, but let your suffering be like new accents of love for Me that say, ‘You know that I love You, that I am as incense burning before Your face with the utmost desire to please You, My friend.’ ” 118

“Never leave your immaculate mother. She won’t leave you either. She loves you even more than your own dear mother. She suffered more to give birth to you, for she bore My death. Queen of Martyrs! If suffering increases love, just imagine the tenderness she feels for you. 150

“If you suffer, I am there to suffer with you. And this is My cross again—this suffering in your suffering. Share it with Me, for everything depends on oneness. And if you believe in My love, suffering will be sweet to you. 163

You are still too little for Me to tell you that the only end is suffering, for suffering, you see, is the surest way of coming close to Me and of being like Me. 214

Endure the daily thorns for love of Me. This prepares your soul for acts of heroism. “You realize, don’t you, that union with God is nothing more or less than doing His will. Every human being is called upon sooner or later to rise to some act of heroic goodness, and grace for such moments is won by loving acceptance of the daily burdens. So you see how valuable the little routine tasks are to one who gives himself to them in loving obedience to Me. Haven’t I told you that in My eyes nothing is small? It’s the love woven into each task that counts.” 183

“There was the visible cross of Good Friday. But there was also the invisible cross of all the days of My life of thirty-three years. Haven’t you yours too, My beloved children? Oh, in this world of suffering, may these forests of crosses, lifted to heaven with Mine in the midst, be in the eyes of the Father an appeal for grace for those who don’t believe in Him!” 290

“Any suffering that you offer Me with love eases My sufferings. You know that I saw everything in advance, right to the end of the world. “Be glad to suffer if you love Me. 240

“I take all sufferings little and big, and place them in the treasury of the Church—the treasury used for the making of saints. You forget your past sufferings, but they continue to bear fruit in My sight. 324

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