Reflections from Seminary Retreat

Over the last four days, I took part in my first seminarian retreat in White Rock. 30 men stayed at the large farm property - a perfect setting. Here are some reflections from my retreat experience: 1. It's okay to be under construction - Will … [Read more...]

Dear Father by Catherine Doherty

Dear Father - A message of love for priests by Catherine Doherty is a fantastic book for all priests, men in discernment, and laity who have an appreciation for the priesthood. Her approach to the priesthood is bold, passionate, and full of love. I … [Read more...]

Dear Seminarian by Catherine Doherty

"Priests really become another Christ. It is the hands of Christ that anoint. It is the lips of Christ that pronounce the words that change the bread and wine into his Body and Blood." 1. Teach us to pray - "Teach us that in order to make contact … [Read more...]

Would You Rather? Discernment talk with Fr. Mike Schmitz   We struggle to receive gifts well. One way to receive a gift well is to use it.  A lot of times when people say they don’t have any gifts, they are thinking about what gifts they are more … [Read more...]

Finding God’s Will for You – St. Francis de Sales

1. Recognize the goodness of God's will We cannot help conforming ourselves to those we love. True love is never ungrateful, but strives to please those in whom it has found pleasure.  Thus, having great love, the saints are very quickly and … [Read more...]

God’s Voice Within by Mark Thibodeaux, SJ

My notes on the book, God's Voice Within - The Ignatian Way to Discover God's Will by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ "Ultimately, this book is centered on God: how God can help us make important decisions, how God can move our hearts to "discern" well, how … [Read more...]