Would You Rather? Discernment talk with Fr. Mike Schmitz


We struggle to receive gifts well. One way to receive a gift well is to use it.  A lot of times when people say they don’t have any gifts, they are thinking about what gifts they are more talented in than others in school.  None of us did anything to deserve to be alive. It was a gift. One of the ways to honor the giver is to use the gift.  Every single day you are given two dozen gifts (24 hours).  If I was to eat 2 dozen cookies every day, I would be a pig. I would be a hungry hungry hippo. I get two dozen hours every day. And we want all those hours to be ours. Do we share any of those hours? Do we give any back to the giver?  How do we use this gift?

None of us had to exist. The only reason you exist is because God wants you to exist. Out of all the people that could have existed, He wanted you to exist. Gods love is infinite for you. It is completely 100% unique.

God doesn’t love you like an atomic bomb, He loves you like a sniper.

Each one of us is the result of the direct thought of God – Pope Benedict XVI.  God said, “I want you to exist.” God wanted to have the chance to love you.

Too often we think discernment is just waiting for God to tell us what to do. We are always afraid of making the wrong decision. 3 things:
First step – get more information on the options.
Second step – seek counsel from the right place.
Third step – have to have courage. You have to actually pull the trigger to know if you’re on the right path. We are too afraid to act. Even if we miss the target, we can line it up and try again.  There is no saint who ever existed that did not have courage. All we need is just courage. God will give us that courage to be a saint.

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