Reflections from Seminary Retreat

Over the last four days, I took part in my first seminarian retreat in White Rock. 30 men stayed at the large farm property – a perfect setting. Here are some reflections from my retreat experience:

1. It’s okay to be under construction

– Will you accept this reality and be open to change?


2. “Prayer is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends” – St Teresa of Avila

How often do I intimately share with God by pouring out my heart?

“Between” = 2 way, not 1 way. God has something to intimately share with me. How much do I let God share?


3. What’s my purpose?

We are called to slay giants!

Our security must be found in God rather than finding our security in others.


4. “The Father is fathering me”

God the Father will meet you at those places you didn’t get adequate fathering.

Best way you’ll ever be a Father is by having been Fathered.

“I am a dearly beloved son of God the Father.”

Encounter Abba through a mosaic of fathers


5. “It’s not a drive-thru”

It can take a long time to fully develop, embrace the journey!


6. “If you compromise a process, you’ll be an asshole when you enter and an asshole when you leave.”


7. The Poser

We are all born with this question – Do I have what it takes? And we usually hear “no.” So what do you do with that? How does it feel to be exposed? We all have areas that haunt us where we don’t have what it takes, so we hide those areas and pose. Where do you hide?

Icebergs only 10% seen, the rest unseen. Same with men.

To make life work, some people need to fake it.

Where do I hide?

Where do I BS?

What is my motive? (why did I do that? Keep asking why)

How do I pose? Always assess your motives.

Disrupt – God has to disrupt us to move beyond this! God is inviting us to another way to live life. Disruptions are really healthy.

Best defense – is an early one. Recognize it, find the motivation behind it, allow yourself to say no & opt out, then analyze how you feel about that.

When you catch other’s posing? Ask – where’s this coming from? What’s your motive?

Remember – this is nothing to do with bashing our dads.


8. Sonship

God has rigged the world so that it won’t work apart from him.

Nun at prison – all men wanted Mother’s Day Cards, no one wanted Father’s Day Cards.

Father is saying, “Will you let me father you? Will you invite me to do this together with you?”

Where do you feel unfathered?

What is the Father wanting to say to you as His son today?

In what ways and through what people has God fathered you?


9. Spiritual Warfare

Heads up! You’re on the list of main groups the devil is attacking. Jesus told us that we will be attacked.

We are Church Militant – a world at war!

We are at Normandy on D-Day! Why are we surprised when people are getting shot at and taken out? Here we are thinking it’s a damn picnic.

The devil is the “father of lies” – tells you half-truths subtly to tempt you. Subtle little sentences about others.

There is an enemy – constant arrows to take you out!

What to do

[1] The Sacraments – exorcism is like a water gun compared to confession like a nuclear bomb. Holy Orders is huge for warfare! The stole and priests hands can make the enemy shreak.

[2] Be Aware – experience teaches you to keep your eyes open at specific situations. Step & stand against subtle judgments of others.

[3] Jesus – is the only name whose presence comes when you say his name. “I am your son.”

[4] Find your weapon – Rosary was Padre Pio’s weapon. Maybe Divine Mercy Chaplet for others. Find what works!



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