Soul of my Soul – Coming to the Heart of Prayer by Catherine Doherty

Love - Prayer is the meeting of two loves - the love of God and the love of His child. Prayer will come when we fall in love with God. "We shall come to him and make our home with him" (John 14:23).  When you are in love, only one person matters to … [Read more...]

Dear Father by Catherine Doherty

Dear Father - A message of love for priests by Catherine Doherty is a fantastic book for all priests, men in discernment, and laity who have an appreciation for the priesthood. Her approach to the priesthood is bold, passionate, and full of love. I … [Read more...]

Sobornost (Unity) – Catherine Doherty … [Read more...]

Dear Seminarian by Catherine Doherty

"Priests really become another Christ. It is the hands of Christ that anoint. It is the lips of Christ that pronounce the words that change the bread and wine into his Body and Blood." 1. Teach us to pray - "Teach us that in order to make contact … [Read more...]