Soul of my Soul – Coming to the Heart of Prayer by Catherine Doherty

Love – Prayer is the meeting of two loves – the love of God and the love of His child. Prayer will come when we fall in love with God. “We shall come to him and make our home with him” (John 14:23).  When you are in love, only one person matters to you, the beloved.

Silence – is the greatest expression of love. God draws us into himself until everything is totally still. A pure heart is a silent heart. The silence is the silence of love.

The call – There is a moment when God calls you. It is as if he sounds a note, as on a tuning fork, and it reverberates in your heart. The last thing you want to do is to arise and go, because when God calls us, he purifies those he chooses through suffering. But when you hear God’s call, it is more agonizing to sit still than to obey.

Kenosis – is the Greek word for emptying oneself in order than Christ might grow in us. Prayer must lead us to total surrender, or it will lead us nowhere except back to ourselves.

Prayer as eating the Word of God – the Mass is the greatest of all love songs. We eat the Word of God. It isn’t so much that you swallow the Word but that the Word penetrates you and fills you.

The duty of the moment – Christ said that he came to serve (Mt 20:28) and so should we. Christ said to pray at all times (Luke 21:36) and so should we. The duty of the moment is what you should be doing at any given time, in whatever place God has put you. We must do the will of our Father as Christ did. We must give our whole self to it. Whatever your duty is, do it with great love. Do it for Christ.

The fruit of prayer – Prayer is like a tree: when the fruits are bitter and nonexistent, something is wrong with our prayer. “By their fruits you shall know them” (Mt 7:20).


A Seed

I was a seed of wheat, you were the sower. You buried me into the deep, dark furrow one day so long ago. I died a thousand deaths within that earth so dark, so rich, so warm, so cold, and yet I lived. Twice I believed that it was time to bring forth fruit. But twice the storms of hatred, of scorn, froze the furrow and the earth. Then, when it seemed to me that I died my thousandth death, the rain, the sun came. And beneath its warm rays I brought forth my seeds and laid them in your hands to die again and multiply. Amen.

I Prayed

I prayed to God for songs and laughter. He gave me tears instead. I prayed for life in valleys green, full of harvest rich. He led me through deserts arid and heights where snow alone could feel at home. I prayed for sun, lots of dancing, and sparkling rivers to sail upon. He gave me night, quite dark, starless, and thirst to guide me through its wastes.

But now I know that I was foolish, for I have more than I prayed for. I have the Son for bridegroom. The music of his voice is a valley green and river sparkling on which I sail. My soul is dancing, dancing with endless joy in the dark night he shares with me.

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