Reasons to Believe – Scott Hahn

On faith and reason: Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to contemplation of truth. Faith and reason are indeed interdependent.  "I believe that I may understand" - St. Augustine. Even scientists must trust that … [Read more...]

The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn addresses the following 3 major points in his talk on "the fourth cup"... The following are quotes taken from this lecture series:   1. How Christ in the Last Supper and in the Eucharist offers himself up as the new covenant … [Read more...]

Run to Jesus in the Eucharist

The following is a story by Scott Hahn... Let's renew and deepen our commitment to Christ by renewing and deepening our commitment to the Holy Eucharist in the blessed sacrament of the altar. This isn't superstition or hocus-pocus. I was teaching … [Read more...]

Reading the Old Testament in the New: The Gospel of Matthew by Scott Hahn

The following is what I learnt from Scott Hahn's free Scriptural Study on the Gospel of Matthew from (quotes taken directly from the Bible study course). Lesson One: Learning to Listen for Echoes: A New Approach to the New … [Read more...]

The Lamb’s Supper – The Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn

Excerpts from the book: Scott Hahn proposes that the key to understanding the Mass is the biblical Book of Revelation - and, further, that the Mass is the only way a Christian can truly make sense of the Book of Revelation. The Mass as heaven … [Read more...]