Gospel of Matthew – Overview

From Peter Kreeft's You Can Understand the Bible: Matthew's Gospel is the first book of the New Testament, not because it was written first - some of Paul's epistles take that honour - but because it's the bridge between the Old and New … [Read more...]

The Gospels – Overview

From Peter Kreeft's You Can Understand the Bible: The word gospel is a modernization of the Old English gospell (or God-spell), meaning "good news." The original Greek word is eu-angellos (Latin, evangelium) meaning "good message." The … [Read more...]

Gospel of Mark Commentary

Gospel of Mark I. Jesus comes preaching the Kingdom (1: 1-3:6) A. Introduction to Jesus’ ministry: John the Baptist (1:1-15) "The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God"  ~ Mark 1:1 Hilary, de Trin., iii, 11: He has testified, … [Read more...]

Gospel of John Commentary

HAYDOCK BIBLE COMMENTARY Background for St. John: Saint John, the evangelist, a native of Bathsaida, in Galilee, was the son of Zebedee and Salome. He was by profession a fisherman. Our Lord gave to John, and to James, his brother, the surname … [Read more...]

Prayer before reading Scripture

Let your Scriptures be my chaste delight… O Lord, perfect me and reveal those pages to me! See, your voice is my joy. Give me what I love… May the inner secrets of your words be laid open to me when I knock. This I beg by our Lord Jesus … [Read more...]

Gospel of Luke Commentary

Overview of the Gospel of St. Luke: Saint Luke was a physician, a native of Antioch, the metropolis of Syria, and well skilled in the Greek language, as his writings sufficiently evince. He lived 84 years in the state of celibacy, was crucified at … [Read more...]

Reading the Old Testament in the New: The Gospel of Matthew by Scott Hahn

The following is what I learnt from Scott Hahn's free Scriptural Study on the Gospel of Matthew from www.salvationhistory.com (quotes taken directly from the Bible study course). Lesson One: Learning to Listen for Echoes: A New Approach to the New … [Read more...]