The Lamb’s Supper – The Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn

Excerpts from the book:

Scott Hahn proposes that the key to understanding the Mass is the biblical Book of Revelation – and, further, that the Mass is the only way a Christian can truly make sense of the Book of Revelation.

The Mass as heaven on earth – the liturgy we celebrate on earth is a mysterious participation in the heavenly liturgy. We do go to heaven when we go to Mass, and this is true of every Mass we attend.

Jesus is referred to as The Lamb 28 times in the Book of Revelation – titling Jesus as The Lamb is unlike any other title for Jesus – the lamb to ancient Israel identified sacrifice and the altar was the primary place of sacrifice.  None of Jesus’ bones were broken on the Cross to fulfill Scripture (exodus 12:46) indicating the Passover lamb must have no broken bones to be the worthy offering in perfect fulfillment.  The sour wine Jesus received on the Cross from the hyssop branch is the same branch used to sprinkle the lamb’s blood prescribed by the Law for the Passover.

“Making the Sign of the Cross is like swearing on the Bible in a court of law. We promise that we have come to Mass to offer testimony. So we are not spectators in worship; we are active participants, we are witnesses, and we swear to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help us, God.” – Page 45

“Whereas Israel prayed in imitation of the angels, the Church of the Apocalypse worshiped together with the angels. Whereas only the priests were allowed in the holy place of Jerusalem’s Temple, Revelation showed a nation of priests dwelling always in the presence of God. Revelation now revealed one worship, shared by men and angels!” – Page 69-70

Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant – “The old ark contained the word of God written in stone; Mary contained in her the Word of God Who became man and dwelt among us. The ark contained manna; Mary contained the living bread come down from heaven. The ark contained the rod of the high priest Aaron; Mary’s womb contained the eternal high priest, Jesus Christ. In the heavenly temple, the Word of God is Jesus, and the ark in whom he resides is Mary, His Mother.

If God’s covenant makes us His family, then sin means more than a broken law. It means broken lives and a broken home. Sin comes from our refusal to love God as much as He loves us. Through sin, we abandon our status as children of God. Judgment, then, is not an impersonal, legalistic process. It is a matter of love, and it is something we choose for ourselves. Nor is punishment a vindictive act.

Only when we’re abandoned by our friends, will we stop trying to impress them. When the money’s gone, we can fall back on the one thing that nobody can take away: our God. When our friends don’t return our calls, we can, at last, turn to the changeless Friend – Whom we cannot impress, because He knows us thoroughly.

The Mass is the “once for all,” perfect sacrifice of Calvary, which is presented on heaven’s altar for all eternity. It is not a “repeat performance.” There is only one sacrifice, it is perpetual and eternal, and so it needs never be repeated. Yet the Mass is our participation in that one sacrifice and in the eternal life of the Trinity in heaven, where the Lamb stands eternally “as if slain.”

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