The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn addresses the following 3 major points in his talk on "the fourth cup"... The following are quotes taken from this lecture series:   1. How Christ in the Last Supper and in the Eucharist offers himself up as the new covenant … [Read more...]

Run to Jesus in the Eucharist

The following is a story by Scott Hahn... Let's renew and deepen our commitment to Christ by renewing and deepening our commitment to the Holy Eucharist in the blessed sacrament of the altar. This isn't superstition or hocus-pocus. I was teaching … [Read more...]

Jesus & the Jewish roots of the Eucharist – Dr. Brant Pitre

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The Eucharist by Lawrence G. Lovasik

Recognize Christ's real presence in the Eucharist - There is a significant reason our Lord chose the feast of the Passover for the institution of the Blessed Sacrament. As the true Paschal Lamb, Jesus Christ, who allowed Himself to be slain as a … [Read more...]