Summary of Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits by Dan Burke

In this book, Dan Burke provides a very personal, simple, and practical introduction to St. Ignatius’ Rules to fight the daily spiritual battle.

  • For a summary on his section regarding spiritual warfare (click here)
  • For a summary of the foundation for the Rules of Discernment: “The Paradigm of Ascent” (click here)
  • For a summary on the basics of the Rules for Discernment of Spirits? (click here)

The 14 Rules for Discernment of Spirits

For the following 14 Rules, I’ve integrated Dan Burke’s commentary with other notes that I’ve taken. Click on the following links to see my extensive commentary on each Rule.

  • Rule #1: For Those Moving from Mortal Sin to Mortal Sin (click here)
  • Rule #2: For Those Moving from Good to Better (click here)
  • Rule #3: What is Consolation Exactly? (click here)
  • Rule #4: What Exactly is Desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #5: What is the most important decision I can make when in desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #6: What changes should I make when in desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #7: How Can I Adjust My Thinking While in Desolation in Order to Better Overcome It? (click here)
  • Rule #8: How Can I Better Persevere When I Am in Desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #9: What are the causes of desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #10: How Should I Act or Prepare When I Am in Consolation? (click here)
  • Rule #11: How Can Humility Help Me Deal with the Ebb and Flow of Consolation and Desolation? (click here)
  • Rule #12: Understanding and Dealing with the Aggression and Threats of the Enemy (click here)
  • Rule #13: The Power of Exposing the Enemy’s Efforts (click here)
  • Rule #14: How to Strengthen Yourself Against Spiritual Attack (click here)

A Final Word of Encouragement by Dan Burke

  • “God and the devil are not equals. The strength of the devil is as a single grain of sand compared to all the sand in the world with respect to God’s strength; and this great God is for you. When we begin to avail ourselves of the spiritual weapons and strength He provides, we begin to become a warrior rather than a victim. The presence and power of God grows within us. We move from sinner to saint. This is the call and path of God. Choose this day your destiny in Him, and it will be so. He has promised it to be so, and He is not a liar. You will overcome all the anxiety and damage in your soul. He will heal and strengthen you to become a mighty warrior in His kingdom — to lead others in the face of the storm to Him. You will know the peace that passes all understanding” (pg. 69, Kindle Edition). 






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