6th Sunday of Easter Homilies


To grasp the dynamic of Jesus’ speech at the last supper, this high priestly prayer, is at the heart of Christianity.  “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you”.

Spiritualities today are grounded in our quest for God, peace, meaning. We seek, we ask, we find. Nothing intrinsically wrong here, but it is something qualitatively different from what we see in Christianity. God has sought us out, the hound of heaven.

When we get this right, everything changes in the spiritual order. To see myself as in a story not of my own telling.  The fun begins when we let God write our story. When we let God be the producer, the director in our story. Jesus telling Peter that he will be taken where he doesn’t want to go.

We don’t really know who we are until we know what God wants us to do in our lives.

The shift from the egodrama to the theodrama.

Then we will know what God is – love. Your mission, whatever it is, will take the form of love. The saints all have one thing in common = the mission is love.

You must find a way to lay down your life for others. To make your life a gift.

Friendship = the opening up of one self to another. This is precisely what God does in Christ. He reveals his heart to us and now he can call us friends.

The whole purpose of the Christian operation is to make us joyful.

Remembering our Mothers Today – A Homily by Fr. Owen Lee, CSB

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