March 2015 in Review


  • Rockridge retreat with St. James Lifeteen
  • Realized how simple the spiritual life should be — reading St. Therese.
  • Freedom event @ St. Joes Langley
  • Palm Sunday speech competition — Listen up.
  • Lifeteen talk on Mass & Eucharist.
  • Theologian Session after Stations of the Cross — so holy. Shared their experiences from pastoral week, vulnerable, blind spots & what they plan to work on. Washed our feet. Jesus is vulnerable in eucharist & was vulnerable when he wanted to wash Peter’s feet, Peter needed to be vulnerable too.

Searching for and maintaining peace by Jacques Philippe

  • Jesus, punish me with extra graces so that I will never offend you again!

St. Therese 

  • Acts of courage & Acts of love
  • ASK GOD: What is the ‘yes’ you are asking me for today?  The little act of courage and trust you’re calling me to make today?  What is the little conversion, the door that opens to let in the Holy Spirit?
  • The secret of living with others — only when you accept them & their weakness will they begin to change.
  • Love — at the end of every day, judge by how well you loved.
  • Discouragement is the main danger of the spiritual life.
  • * Efforts to change ourselves are bound to fail; the courage we need is that of persevering in the kind of fruitful disposition that opens us up effectively to God’s action.
  • 2 main signs of pride = judging others & getting discouraged.
  • Humility is not telling yourself you are worthless, but accepting your inner poverty & not getting discouraged. Love your inner poverty. Then the father will come for us. Humility = 1. See all good in my life as God’s gift. 2. Accept & love my inner poverty.
  • * Balance = 1. I accept to discover new imperfections every day (accept & love inner poverty) and 2. I don’t want to be half a saint.
  • What’s your deepest desire? to love God and make him loved!
  • * The way to get out of a slump = practice small works of love & charity.
  • Prayer = most important task in world is to save mankind, and mankind will be saved by prayer. Works of charity & apostolate must be result of prayer. If we are faithful to our times of prayer, little by little we will be given peace.

Carol Houselander’s Guilt 

  • start a prayer list and increase intercessions for others — find yourself in others, to be like Christ.
  • Suffering is the price of love.
  • You are guilt of Christ’s death. You must make present the sufferings of Christ, bear the responsibility & that of others.

St John of the Cross

  • Great is the power & tenacity of love, for it overcomes & binds God to Himself.”
  • The smallest movement of pure love is more useful to the Church than all the other works put together.
  • One obtains from God as much as one hopes for.

St. Faustina

When I need to make a decision, I question love.

Spiritual direction

  • saints didn’t want to suffer, they wanted to save others, and suffering was the way to save others.
  • Love embraces suffering. Never fall into the temptation to fix others so they don’t bug you anymore. Be happy to endure.
  • God is calling me to be free. He has not called me b/c of any of my talents. Love is more important than being successful. Be fathered now.
  • You have been entrusted to your family and those closest to you. you must serve them, intercede for them, sacrifice for them, love them.
  • If you are not interceding continually for others, you need to rethink if you are called for the priesthood.

St Chrysologus on Fasting

  • Pray knocks at the door, fasting obtains, mercy receives. Fasting is the soul of prayer, mercy is the lifeblood of fasting.

Jake Session 

Emotional Inventory — EQ far superior to success than IQ.

4 main areas of EQ:

  1. Self awareness — journal, write down emotions, present moment.
  2. Self regulation — ability to navigate and handle your emotions. Practical = name it, tame it. Thought process – what are the thoughts and agreements I make daily. Write it down. Arrow prayers. Dwell on God’s truth. Say a very very slow prayer.
  3. Empathy — understanding where others are at.
  4. Social skills — have Q’s. Pick up pts people say and build on it.

“Help me to understand what is going on here?”

What did you wish you had focused more on? And what did you realize didn’t matter?

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