February 2015 in Review


  • Fathered by God group at the seminary
  • One Conference
  • Lent Challenge
  • Jon and Brittany’s wedding!

Jake Khym Sessions:
1. Masculine Identity — what does it mean to be a man? What are you?

  • Man = “strength” encompasses what sets him apart.
  • Are you a man? Gigantic question being asked during priestly formation now.
  • Jesus as a carpenter with Joseph = secure, I’m going to be alight, no worry. Based on who his father is. Joseph took them to Egypt. Full trust. Safe.
  • Seek the Father and He will shape you into who you are called to be.
  • “Father come into this…”
  • Give permission to the Father
  • Litany of Truths = keep repeating these truths.
  • Whenever you feel something is wrong, go after it — keep on asking yourself why to explore with God. Memories that pop up, stay with them.
  • The heart of pastoral care = I want to be Jesus for this person.
  • Suffering = have perspective.
  • Heavy burden = Jesus must known I have it more than I do. I can’t do it, but He can.

2. How do we practically do this stuff? Development of a Man Talk

  1. You actually have to work at it. A Paschal Mystery journey. Many small PM’s in context of large PM.
  2. Self awareness —> self-possession —> self-gift

1. Pause throughout the day and ask what’s most affecting you (highlight real of the day). Goal to find reactions internally disproportionate to events. 2. When have I felt this before? 3. First and worst emotions. * Name it to tame it! * The goal = to be able to catch it when it’s happening. The answer = bring Jesus into it. At the end of every day invite Jesus into your day.

3. Resources

4. Interpretations & Agreements

— rebuke the enemy when he tries to get you to sign a contract. fraternal charity = encourage your brothers to fight the enemy.

5. God’s timing

6. remove your masks

7. litany of personal truths

8. treasure/ponder truth — Marian way to dwell on God’s goodness.

9. daily affection

10. mosaic of the father

11. community

Praying for a word from God — repeat same phrase over, b/c neurologically so hard for 2 words to come in at same time.

Test what was said by the fruit — come back in a week.

Fr Abbot Culture Talks

  • Culture is a social form of expression for whole human beings.
  • Christianity takes what is good of a culture and makes it better.
  • Jesus Christ = fully human & divine = basis of culture and society


  • “Come Holy Spirit” — began repeating often.

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