December in Review

On sonship – you need to be a better son instead of expecting your parents to be better parents.

On sacrifice – ask God for what sacrifices you should offer up, rather than impose your own thoughts on God.

On keeping secrets with God – A certain part of your spiritual life should just be with God. Validations you receive and graces, keep some of these just between you and God.

On pray of permission – God I let you enter this area of my life. Lord if there is anything blocking me from becoming a great saint, I give you full permission to get rid of it.

On Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli – this is a great book that I need to be constantly reminded of daily. [1] Fight today’s battle. [2] Wage war against my worst passions. [3] Love what’s most difficult.

On worshipping God – this is the one place you can let it all out! Everything must be shameless worship of Him. He can speak for Himself. You don’t do Divine Office to check off a box, but because God is so good!

On reading – reading must be accompanied by meditation on the truths revealed or else it is vanity. Proper meditation will lead to fruitful prayer and possibility contemplation.

On taking risks – you can take risks because you have a Heavenly Father who loves you.

The Chaplet of Distrust of Self and Trust in Jesus – Apart from You I can do nothing… Jesus I trust in You.

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