Sherif Girgis – The Art of the One-on-One Conversation

Sherif Girgis – The Art of the One-on-One Conversation Speaking about hot-button topics. If you remember a past conversation you had, you only remember the style, delivery, tone and not so much the finer point and details. So how do you make the best impression? You need a cheer, confidence, and peace in discussing the hot-button issue. You must believe in what you’re saying and be comfortable with that. If the debates are stealing your joy, you need to take a break. The first 30 seconds is the most important. Set the tone for an open and honest talk. The importance of honesty — We always think we cannot concede anything. Make concessions where concessions are to be made. The need to be proactive — you should know both sides of the arguments to know the strongest arguments against your viewpoint. Rehearsing with friends who agree, friends who disagree, then people you do not know. You are an outlier — bad arguments for the view you reject will be accepted & good arguments for the view you hold will be rejected. Must draw out common ground — playing pickup basketball with anyone is fine, why is sex with anyone not fine? Get people thinking — rather than on the defensive. Never have it as your goal to convince someone on the spot. Goal is to plant seeds that will grow.

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