Ephesians Overview

From Peter Kreeft’s You Can Understand the Bible:

Ephesians is to the epistles what John’s Gospel is to the Gospels: the most mystical, profound, and universal of them all.

Ephesians addresses all the churches in the Asia Minor region – it is a universal letter.

We may call it Paul’s treatise on the “cosmic Christ.”

The central theme of Ephesians is the Church as Christ’s Mystical Body, an invisible organism , not just a visible organization. We are actually, literally, parts or organs of Christ’s invisible Body. In this Body, Jews and Gentiles are united (2:11-21).

Paul lists Christians’ heavenly assets (pure grace, pure gift) throughout the first half of Ephesians. The second half draws out the radical implications for earthly living. All are based on our being “in Christ” – a phrase Paul uses over 30 times in this short letter.

What we have received is the most radical change conceivable: not only a new mind but a new life. But we must grow into this new life (4:13-15).

Ephesians 5:21-33 is the most profound passage in the Bible on marriage.

Ephesians 6:12-17 is Scripture’s most famous passage about spiritual warfare.


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