Blessed Carlo Acutis’ Holiness Kit

“My son taught catechism to children for a few years, and to help them progress spiritually, he created a kit for becoming a saint. He wrote: I want to tell you a few of my very special secrets which will help you quickly reach sainthood. Always remember that you, too, can become a saint! First, you have to want it with your whole heart, and if you do not have the desire yet, you must ask the Lord for it with insistence. Try to go to Mass every day and take holy Communion. If you can, try to spend a few minutes in Eucharistic adoration before the tabernacle where Jesus is truly present. In this way, you’ll see how your level of holiness increases! Remember to recite the holy Rosary every day. Read a passage from holy Scripture every day. If you can, confess every week, even for venial sins. Make promises often to God and the Virgin Mary to help others. Ask your guardian angel, who must become your best friend, for help” (Antonia Acutis, My Son Carlo: Carlo Acutis Through the Eyes of His Mother, 139-140).

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