28th Sunday Homilies – Cycle B


Karol Wojtyla – Veritatis Splendor – if you want to read 1 text, read it.

The essence of the Christian moral life can be discerned from the Rich Young man story.

3 features of the Christian moral life:

  1. Deep and abiding hunger in every one of us for eternal life – abiding hunger for God, some truth good beauty than transcends the fleeting ones of this world – something in our nature that orders us beyond our human nature – we are like the animals in some ways – but we have something that drives us beyond animal interests – poetry comes from this tension between the two – michangelo sistene chapel animal physicality + desire for more. Something really right / spiritually alive about the rich young man – desires to share in everlasting life. Man runs up to Jesus. Rich. He has discerned this deeper hunger. “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” – we all have this longing question in our heart. Another virtue – he comes to the right place – Jesus – who is the very embodiment of the God he seeks! We live in a time of “finding your own way, satisfying your own longing..” Young man seeks the good in Jesus though. Very surrendering of will. Jesus responds with only from the 2nd tablet – the negative form – JP2 wants us to see that if we want to live in friendship with God – if we want to live in this way – we have to cut out certain things in our life – a life of radical love. Everything against this path of love must be eliminated. Eliminate bad food for health, eliminate everything against love for good spiritual health. cut them out. no body would object to Dr. Oz telling them what to do saying he is laying a guilt trip on them, well same them with Jesus & the Church – hey I’m just telling you the truth.
  2. Man responds “teach i have kept these” – Jesus looks at him with love – “You are lacking in one thing. Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” Although the rich young man covered the bases – Jesus sensed he is ready for the big leagues – to walk the path of radical love – like Dr. Oz – someone goes to him – I’ve cut out McDonalds & smoking – now you want to run a marathon – okay here is the bigger game plan – get ready.
  3. Yet at these words the man’s face fell and he left – just as he was about to make the step for the spiritual big leagues – he stopped. Can you do it, or will you go away sad?

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