The Spiritual Battle: Orphan VS. Son

Self-reliant: False strength (depending upon self). Needy, unsure of self, and insecure. Lives with a scarcity mindset. Can’t trust others (assumes the worst). Often in fight or flight mode. Cynical attitude.

1. “It’s all up to me.”
2. “There’s no one here to help me.”
3. “Unless I take care of it, it won’t be okay.”
Father-reliant: True strength (depending of the Father). Reliant, grounded, and secure. Lives with an abundance mindset. Put’s absolutely no limits on the Father’s goodness and providence. Can trust others with appropriate. Shows a holy strength in face of adversity. Hopeful attitude. Jesus shows the way to live as a son.

1. “I can trust my heavenly Father.”
2. “The Father will come for me. He is here.”
3. “The Father will Father me through this; He knows the way.”
Seeks to glorify self: Competitive for self-glory. Always has to be right. Justifies actions. Constant pressure to perform and achieve more. Never enough. A poser. Takes deep questions and needs to others and to the world.

1. Anxious
2. Stressed
3. Pressure
Seeks to glorify the Father: Competitive for God’s glory. Open to being wrong and corrected. Secure and confident when right. Takes deep questions and needs to the Father. Expects and anticipates daily affection from the Father. Jesus shows the way to glorify the Father.

1. Peaceful
2. Relief
3. Freedom

This is an ongoing document I’m working on to continually help me ask the question. I’ve gotten help from Jake Khym and Jack Frost (click here) in the creation of this document.

Q. Am I living as an orphan or a son?

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