POEM | Graves into Gardens (Easter Sunday Poem)

When Christ rose from the dead, the heavens rejoiced with great cheer,

For Adam’s grave was turned back into a garden, casting out eternal fear.

No more graveyard shifts for our Blessed Lord, but peaceful gardening would be His delight,

For turning graves into gardens was His new mission, and our hearts were in His sight.

When Christ rose from the dead, the earth remained silent and still,

For our graves still felt lifeless, and death brought us a chill.

So we hoarded the pleasures of this world, and filled our graves with stuff,

to avoid that emptiness within, to pretend that we are enough.

Still our Lord searched among the graveyards, for a single soul to transform,

knocking on the tomb of each heart, aching for a garden to be born.


  1. Wasn’t it a gardener that St. Mary Magdalene saw when she first saw the risen Jesus?

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