The Prodigal Son Examen Prayer



1. I quiet myself down. I slow down my breathing. I ask God to lead this time of prayer.

2. I look at the image of the prodigal son painting and take in all the different people in the image.

3. I ask the Father to reveal who I have been in this picture today… am I in the background? (have I busied myself with other things instead of God?)… am I sitting down beating my breast? (have I been afraid to go to God today because of my sinfulness and weakness?)… am I standing with my hands closed? (have I closed my heart off to God’s love?) am I being embraced by Abba Father? (have I allowed myself to receive God’s tender love today?)

4. I look again at the image of the prodigal son and allow myself to enter more deeply into the embrace of the prodigal son… I rest for a couple minutes… I feel the father’s hands on my back… I feel his warmth… his embrace… I ask him if he has any words that he wants to speak to my heart… I listen for his voice…

(click here for a 1 page PDF of this prayer)


  1. lisaqbowden says:

    Beautiful examen! Thank you so much!

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