Summary of 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley

What is Marian Consecration?

“Marian consecration is all about a new way of life in Christ. The act of consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary marks the beginning of a gloriously new day, a new dawn, a brand new morning in one’s spiritual journey. It’s a fresh start, and it changes everything” (20).

“Marian consecration basically means giving Mary our full permission (or as much permission as we can) to complete her motherly task in us, which is to form us into other Christs” (26).

Week 1: St. Louis de Montfort


1: Passion

We must imitate St. Louis’ example of great union with Mary if we want the Holy Spirit to transform our unholy anger into a blazing holy passion for Christ.

2: Baptism

St. Louis begins his consecration prayer with a renewal of baptismal vows because it is Mary’s job, with the Holy Spirit, to bring the grace of Baptism to fulfillment, that is, to form us into other Christs.

“The whole goal of true devotion to Mary is our ongoing, post-baptismal transformation into Christ” (109).

3: Gift

Giving ourselves to Mary – in imitation of Jesus – is the quickest, easiest, and surest way to Jesus. The more we give ourselves to her, the more we’ll experience the greatness of this gift. Mary is never outdone in generosity!

“We give, and she gives back infinitely more. We give her our sinful selves, and she gives us her Immaculate Heart. We give her our own meager merits, and she not only augments and purifies them with her perfect love but gives us her infinitely greater merits and graces… She cares for our family, friends, and loved ones on our behalf – even better than we ourselves can. She anticipates our needs and orders every detail of our lives for the greater glory of God… She makes even our crosses and trials something sweet” (109-110).

“We make more progress in a brief period of submission to and dependence on Mary than in whole years of following our own will and relying upon ourselves” ~ St. Louis de Montfort

Week 2: St. Maximilian Kolbe


1: Mystery

Kolbe invites us to ponder the mystery of the relationship between Mary, the created Immaculate Conception, and the Holy Spirit, the uncreated Immaculate Conception.

“Through the Immaculata we can become great saints, and what is more, in an easy way” ~ St. Maximilian Kolbe

2: Militia

Kolbe founded “Militia Immaculata” in 1917 with the goal “to bring the whole world to God through Christ under the generalship of Mary Immaculate, and to do so as quickly as possible” (50).

“Since Marian consecration is the quickest, easiest way to become a saint, then it’s also the quickest, easiest way to conquer the whole world for Christ” (61).

3: Love

We are united to Mary through love, “by relying on her powerful intercession, experiencing her tender care, speaking to her from our hearts, letting ourselves be led by her, having recourse to her in all things, and trusting her completely” (111).

“Never worry that you do not feel this love. If you have the will to love, you already give proof that you love. What counts is the will to love. External feeling is also a fruit of grace, but it does not always follow the will” ~ St. Maximilian Kolbe

Week 3: Mother Teresa

1: Thirst197394e32ce7ccac117c347d39c41c46--quotes-by-mother-teresa-religious-quotes.jpg

Mother Teresa’s passionate desire was to satiate the thirst of Jesus for love. She found the best way to do this way through Mary. Let us ask Our Lady to help us understand Jesus’ cry “I Thirst.”

“The deepest desire of the hearts of both Mother Teresa and the Mother of God is to satiate the thirst of the Heart of Jesus for love and for souls. In this sense, Mother Teresa’s life is a revelation of the Heart of Mary and presents one of the richest expressions of Marian consecration” (67).

2: Heart

“Mother Teresa’s version of a total consecration to Mary focuses on a kind of exchange of hearts: We give Mary our hearts, and she gives us her Immaculate Heart. For Mother Teresa, this gift of Mary’s heart through consecration essentially means two things that are expressed by two simple prayers:

  1. “Lend me your heart” – “Mary, help me to love with the perfect love of your Immaculate Heart” – What better way to love Jesus than with the perfect, humble, Immaculate Heart of his Mother?
  2. “Keep me in your most pure heart” – “Immaculate Heart of Mary, keep me in your most pure heart, so that I may please Jesus through you, in your, and with you.” 

3: Covenant

Mother Teresa entered into a consecration covenant with Mary. She took her consecration very seriously. We too must follow her path.

Week 4: St. John Paul IIpope-on-glass-window.jpg

1: Mother

God has given us a spiritual mother who prayerfully, lovingly attends to our growth in grace and holiness.

2: Entrust-acration

Jesus has entrusted Mary to us as our mother. In turn, we must entrust ourselves to her by taking her “into our homes” every day! Mary brings us to pierced side of Christ on the Cross, where we enter into Jesus’ self-consecration to work for the salvation of souls.

3: Mercy

Marian consecration leads us to Divine Mercy. Acts of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary lead to acts of trust in the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

After Consecration

We must renew our consecration daily and enter more deeply into the spirit of consecration.

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