What is Noise? from Cardinal Sarah’s Book: The Power of Silence

Quotes from: The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of 
Noise by Robert Cardinal Sarah with Nicolas Diat, Translated 
by Michael J. Miller, Ignatius Press, 2016.

In Cardinal Sarah’s book, he speaks about a dictatorship of noise that modern society can no longer do without. This noise is both exterior and interior. Here are four quotes that I gathered from Cardinal Sarah in regards to defining what this noise really is:

Noise is a deceptive, addictive, and false tranquilizer (56).

Noise is a desecration of the soul, noise is the “silent” ruin of the interior life (83).

Noise wearies us, and we get the feeling that silence has become an unreachable oasis. Noise is a dangerous, deceptive medicine, a diabolic lie that helps man avoid confronting himself in his interior emptiness (33).

Noises are screens that betray a fear of the divine, a fear of real life and of death (230).

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