Jean Corbon on Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity

“We can understand why Andrei Rublev was always loath to paint a fresco of the Last Judgment in the apocryphal style so popular in the Middle Ages. He was too deeply in touch with the wretchedness of man to falsify in this way the mercy of his Lord. We all know what the fruit of Rublev’s long silent fast was: the icon of the divine hospitality in which the altar of the world is received into the midst of the Blessed Trinity. It is on the altar of the poor that the passion of God becomes the compassion of his Church for man” (Jean Corbon, Wellspring of Worship, pgs 244-5). 



Rublev’s icon of the Trinity is considered the greatest icon in the world in terms of its beauty, symbolic richness, and power for theological synthesis. For a brief explanation, visit: (cf. Fr. Michael Gaitley The One is Three pg. 314)

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