What is the liturgy? by Jean Corbon

The following are all the quotes about the liturgy from Jean Corbon's 
The Wellspring of Worship:
  • The liturgy is “this unprecedented power that the river of life exercises in the humanity of the risen Christ” (56).
  • The liturgy is “eternal (inasmuch as the body of Christ remains incorruptible) and will not pass away; on the contrary, it is this liturgy that “causes” the present world “to pass” into the glory of the Father in an ever more efficacious great Pasch” (63).
  • The liturgy essentially involves action and energy; the heavenly liturgy tells us of all the actors in the drama: Christ and the Father, the Holy Spirit, the angels and all living things, the people of God (whether already enjoying incorruptible life or still living through the great tribulation), the prince of this world, and the powers that worship him. The heavenly liturgy is “apocalyptic” in the original sense of the word: it “reveals” everything in the very moment in which it brings it to pass. When the event is present, prophecy becomes “apocalyptic” (64).
  • The liturgy is this vast reflux of love in which everything turns into life (65).
  • The liturgy is the celebration of the Father’s joy (65).
  • The liturgy is essentially doxological in its celebration of the wellspring 66.
  • The eternal liturgy is thus the celebration of the sharing in which each is wholly for the others 67.
  • The heavenly liturgy celebrates the ongoing event of the return of the Son – and of all the others in him – to the Father’s house 67.
  • The liturgy is the feast, the banquet, even the marriage, of the beloved and his bride 67.
  • The Lamb’s liturgy is the concrete extension of his victory in the struggle of the last times: “When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he placed his right hand on me, saying, “Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last, 18 and the living one. I was dead, and see, I am alive forever and ever; and I have the keys of Death and of Hades” (Rev 1:17-18) (68).
  • The heavenly liturgy is the gestation of the new creation because our history is sustained by Christ, who is now in the bosom of the Blessed Trinity (68).
  • The liturgy is this coming of the river of life in its hour of fullness (78).
  • The liturgy is the energy of the people of God (97).
  • The liturgy is the overflow of his life-giving Spirit (99).
  • The liturgy is this space (the new, unbounded space in which everything is penetrated by the light radiating from the body of the Lord (in the liturgical icon of the transfiguration of Christ)) that dispels the shadow of death (101).
  • The liturgy is the Church’s deepest life 121.
  • The liturgy is the mystery of the river of life that streams from the Father and the Lamb 199
  • The liturgy is celebrated at certain moments but lived at every moment, is the one mystery of Christ who gives life to men 204
  • The liturgy is: “All the torrents of love that pour from the Spirit of Jesus flow together in the great river of life” (260).
  • The liturgy is the great river into which all the energies and manifestations of the mystery flow together, ever since the very body of the Lord who lives with the Father has been ceaselessly “given up” to men in the Church in order that they may have life (261).
  • The liturgy is not something static, or a mental memorial, a model, a principle of action, a form of self-expression, or an escape into angelism. It reaches far beyond the signs in which it manifests itself and the effectiveness it contains. It is not reducible to its celebrations, although it is indivisibly contained in them. It finds expression in the human words of God that are written in the Bible and sung by the Church, but these never exhaust it. It is at home in all cultures and no reducible to any of them. It unites the multitude of local Churches without causing them to lose their originality. It feeds all the children of God, and it is in them that it ceaselessly grows. Although it is constantly being celebrated, it is never repeated by it always new (261).
  • The liturgy is the total Christ event… that assumes and permeates all of history, as well as all  men and each of them in all their dimensions, and the whole cosmos and all of creation (262).

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