A Seminarian’s Lectio: Reading to Know and to Receive Divine Love by Deacon Jim Keating

My notes from Deacon James Keating’s article: 

Tips for a Contemplative Approach to Study & Classroom Learning:

  1. Prayer – pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you through the study.
  2. Ask questions – what does this text say? What does this text say to me? What does this text lead me to say to God? What do I detect God is saying to me through this text?
  3. Take notes on 2 levels & divide this in your notebook: (1) discursive – normal, (2) contemplative – what God is saying to me.Compare these notes after. Take these notes to prayer and before the Blessed Sacrament and initiate holy conversation.
  4. Embrace lifelong intellectual study – in a way that always leads to God.
  5. Remember that no study is irrelevant – it will serve: (1) the truth, (2) the needs of your people – to be shared freely, or (3) deepen your own intimacy with Christ.
  6. Go to confession frequently  – pure soul = pure mind.
  7. Encourage one another to practice holy study – cultivate a depth of soul. Practice conversing bout how study has led you to a deeper relationship with Christ.
  8. Desires – seek a real encounter with truth and with Him who is Truth. You want your study to change what you desire.
  9. Go to the founts that give you life – the book of creation, the cross, scripture, the saints. Read these substantial sources, let them feed your mind.



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