What do snowflakes and Advent have in common?

Seeing some snow fall today, I thought about reposting some thoughts from Caryll Houselander.
What do snowflakes and Advent have in common?

“Every flake of snow is an inscape of the universe – an integral, whole, completed pattern – that it’s very being is the pattern of its Creator’s mind. The pattern of the snowflake is a miniature design of the whole universe. Snow is an enchantment laid upon our lives, woven into the lore of childhood, the magic of the human race. Each snowflake is a symbol of the beauty of the law of divine love. Who can think of the mystery of the snowflake, it’s loveliness, both secret and manifest, it’s gentleness, the moving lightness of its touch, the humility of it’s coming, and not think of the birth of the infant Christ?” – Caryll Houselander, The Passion of the Infant Christ 



  1. today is my birthday and as unique a creation I am is also the uniqueness of the snow flake….Check it out .Put your hand out and catch the and examine them🎂

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