My Notes from Christopher West’s Talk “Authentic Manhood: Desire, Design, Destiny”

Do you have a heart that desires or do you have a heart that has become comfortably numb (Pink Floyd song)?

Desire – awaken our desire and orient to Gods design, Springsteen’s “every body’s got a hungry heart”.

We have been raised on starvation diet gospel. Suppress desires and follow rules to be a good Christian.

But we have this cry of heart = Eros. Yearning for infinite beauty.

Why can’t Mick Jagger get no satisfaction? Decieved by fast food gospel that our culture offers us. Immediate gratification.

We think we have only two choices = starvation vs fast food. Then I’m going to fast food eventually! The hunger is overwhelming. Fast food when starved tastes good.

But then the after effects happen. Supersize me movie example. Then you start to feel really sick. It’s a lie.

“Seek and you will find” = what Chris heard. We must be seekers. Jesus first words in Gospel of John = what do you want what are u looking for?

Christianity is not a starvation diet but an invitation to a feast! God put that Eros desire there to yearn for Him. “Christianity is an invitation to an infinite feast that fulfills our desire for love, life, beauty and goodness.”

World oscillates between repression and indulgence. The wedding feast is an eternal Union of love. Whole bible = God wants to marry us. Whole bible sandwiched between erotic cry for bridegroom to bride and then bride to bridegroom. Song of Songs = erotic love cry poetry. 

What’s the difference between looking into your wife’s eyes and an optometrist? 

Loving in image of God when 2 become 1 flesh icon of heaven. 

Are we looking for sex or for infinite bliss?

We all worship something – whatever we think will satisfy our desires. Where are u aiming your desire?

When we aim our infinite yearning for finite we become Mick Jagger and search for more and more. 

Celibate vocation. Skipping first step. Go to nuptial union with God. 

There’s an enemy who wants to keep you from this destiny. He twists and distorts the imAge. 

2 men tried to regain the image. 1. Hugh Hefner. He left the painting in its crumpled form. 2. JP2 – un crumpled paper. Transform sex into worship or true God. Rocket to heaven. But we’ve inverted the rocket. 

Don’t repress, don’t indulge in fast food, redirect cry of heart to God.

U2 concert – Bono faithful to wife. Erotic love for wife then Segway to God. All I want is you song… Where the streets have no name – heaven. Watch what happens to Bonos desire. 

Prayer – becoming a longing for God the Chufch fathers tell us. Nothing but. Bono is teaching 80k ppl to authentically worship God – you alone I desire. You are the infinite desire I most deeply yearn. 

What do u want?

Desire has a trajectory and will take us wherever we aim it. 

Adoration – open our mouths in Latin. So God can fill. Behold infinite food to satisfy our infinite hunger!! Take our infinite hunger to Him. If Eucharist is real, let us bring every ache here. 

We have a song to sing to Jagger. 

Practical lesson from the talk. When I feel these infinite desires welling up, be aware of the times I seek to fill that infinite desire with finite things – facebook, youtube, texting, extra food, etc – and recognize that those things are not what I am looking for!

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