Pentecost Homilies


Gift of tongues.

We can communicate in a number of ways. But we never really communicate until we have learnt someone else’s language. That’s how worlds and hearts open up.

Disciples were able to establish heart to heart communication.

Holy Spirit is nothing but communication, the holy breath blown back and forth between the Father & the Son. Communication is his nature, his business.

Sin (sunder) is a division. Opposite is unity, a communal aspect. “Where there is division, there is sin” ~ Origin

What sin has scattered, the Holy Spirit has gathered.

Do you want to feel & exercise the gift of the Holy Spirit? Connect, reach out, learn, communicate with others.

Keep that image of the fiery tongue in your mind.

FR LARRY RICHARD’S HOMILY (click here for link)

The Holy Spirit is God within us that gives us power to show others that there is God when they look at our lives.

Do others know God is alive when they look at you?

What do we do when we have God’s spirit within us, yet we have sins of the flesh? Paul says those in the spirit have crucified those in the flesh, put to death these things of the flesh, so we can be free to live in the Holy Spirit.

Sports – if you want to be anything good, you need to practice and deny yourself. Crucifying their flesh for something greater.

Same in the spiritual life. We need to constantly grow and practice. Put the flesh to death.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what’s still in the flesh this week. We all have this flesh to deal with.

If a glass is filled with something, it needs to be emptied. We need to be emptied so God can give us His Spirit. We need to keep emptying out this flesh.

Francis Chan – The Forgotten God book.

Analogy of being a football player & Christ wants to live in you. You would say, okay great let me get out of the way b/c I’m not very good at football and you’re God. You need to get out the way and let God live inside of you.

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