Peter Kreeft Quotes

“Once we laid hands on the fruit we desired, the horrible effect took place immediately, it laid its hands on us, the self was un-selfed, not filled or fulfilled but emptied… the object, the apple grew into a God and we shrunk into slaves…We found our identity in what was less than ourselves” ~ Kreeft: Identity CD

“When the object we desire… is God, or His attributes of Beauty, Goodness and Truth you cannot possess that object… it can only possess you. And paradoxically it is only then are we fulfilled. On the other hand, the violation of the first commandment, which is idolatry, that is making anything other than God our God, that’s making our goal possessable, and when you possess it then you are undone”  ~ Kreeft: Identity CD

We are lost in the cosmos because we are not in the cosmos in the first place. We are subjects that transcend the cosmos — the sum of all objects. Objectively we are swallowed up like a flea. But subjectively we swallow the universe… Either the self can never be known or only by another Higher Self. Only to the Absolute Subject can human subjects be objects” ~ Kreeft: Lost in the Cosmos

Our culture has filled our heads but emptied our hearts, stuffed our wallets but starved our wonder. It has fed our thirst for facts but not for meaning or mystery. It produces “nice” people, not heroes.” ~ Jesus Shock

This is the secret of life: the self lives only by dying, finds its identity (and its happiness) only by self-forgetfulness, self-giving, self-sacrifice, and agape love.” ~ Jesus Shock


(To be continued…)

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