Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for Lent 2015


Globalization of Indifference: “Today, this selfish attitude of indifference has taken on global proportions, to the extent that we can speak of a globalization of indifference.”

3 biblical text reflections:

  1. “If one member suffers, all suffer together” (1 Cor 12:26) – The Church

“The love of God breaks through that fatal withdrawal into ourselves which is indifference.”

“Lent is a favourable time for letting Christ serve us so that we in turn may become more like him. This happens whenever we hear the word of God and receive the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.”

2. “Where is your brother?” (Gen 4:9) – Parishes and Communities 

Do our parishes represent Christ body that cares for the “weakest, poorest and most insignificant?” “Or do we fail to see the Lazarus sitting before our closed doors (Lk 16:19-31)?”

  1. Pray with the Church in heaven.
  2. “Every Christian community is called to go out of itself and to be engaged in the life of the greater society of which it is a part, especially with the poor and those who are far away. The Church is missionary by her very nature; she is not self-enclosed but sent out to every nation and people. In each of our neighbours, then, we must see a brother or sister for whom Christ died and rose again.”

“Dear brothers and sisters, how greatly I desire that all those places where the Church is present, especially our parishes and our communities, may become islands of mercy in the midst of the sea of indifference!”

3. “Make your hearts firm!” (James 5:8) – Individual Christians

To combat indifference:

  1. Pray in communion with Church on earth and in heaven.
  2. Acts of charity.
  3. Realize our call to conversion through the suffering of others.

Let us have a formation of the heart: closed to the tempter, open to God. “A heart which lets itself be pierced by the Spirit so as to bring love along the roads that lead to our brothers and sisters.”

Lord make our hearts like yours!

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