2nd Sunday of Lent – Transfiguration

Fr. Larry Richards’ Homily


Fr. Robert Barron’s Homily


Transfiguration is the clearest evocation of mystical experience in the New Testament. Mystical = experience of spiritual things in and through the ordinary. And that the spiritual is far greater and more beautiful than ordinary experiences.

Disciples had a mystical experience. All 3 synoptic gospels cover this transfiguration. Mark’s Gospel today.

1st symbol = height. Experience takes place on mountaintop. Moses receives law and sees burning bush on Sinai. Abraham takes Isaac on mountain of Moria. Height = transcendence. “Wisdom = vision from the hilltop” — St Thomas Aquinas. Martin Luther King = I’ve been to the mountaintop (night before his assasination). Metamorphae = went beyond the form without losing his original. Mystical = physical is iconic of something more, something deeper, stranger.

2nd symbol = Light = dazzling white. Light is a symbol of mystics. Provides ground for true vision. Mystical experience is a moment of clarification, from the shadows into the light. We also experience light with beauty. The stunning beauty of the supernatural. St. Peter says “it’s good that we are here. let us make 3 tents…” usually preachers sold this move by Peter trying to hold onto this experience. Indeed it tends to come and go. The tabernacle or tent in the desert. Where people worshipped. So Peter wanted this place to be the place of worship.

Fulton J Sheen Life of Christ

Three important scenes of Our Lord’s life took place on mountains… on the second He showed the glory that lay beyond the Cross.

To believe in His Calvary, [Peter, James, and John] must see the glory that shone beyond the scandal of the Cross.

As the Cross came nearer, His glory became greater.

Moses and Elijah… the Old Testament was coming to meet the New. The subject of conversation was not what Jesus taught, but His sacrificial death.

When God sets up a cloud it is a manifest sign that there are bonds which man dare not break. At His bapitsm, the heavens were opened; now at the Transfiguration they opened again to install Him in His office as Mediator, and to distinguish Him from Moses and the Prophets. It was heaven itself that was sending Him on His mission, not the perverse will of men.

At the baptism, the voice from heaven was for Jesus Himself; on the Hill of the Transfiguration it as for his disciples.

It was Peter’s second attempt to dissuade Our Lord from going to Jerusalem to be crucified.

2 Peter 1:16-20 —> Peter recalls the scene.

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