Guilt by Caryll Houselander

Free PDF version of Caryll Houselander’s book: Guilt (click here)

My short (5-10 minute) summary of the book (click here)

My long (1-2 hour) summary of the book with extensive quotes (click here)

My thoughts about Houselander’s Guilt:

This book is fantastic. In my opinion, you get to see three parallel themes interwoven within her writings.

  • First, the reality & perplexity of guilt and how the world escapes from guilt while saints embrace it.
  • Second, our destiny to be a Christ and why the world escapes from this while saints embrace it.
  • Third, our identity as sons of the Father and how the world has forgotten this while saints embrace it.


  1. Dolores Agins says:

    How wonderful of you to supply a free download of C.H.’s book “GUILT”. As it is I have many shelves of noteworthy Catholic and other Christian books. I am grateful to have one without cost. I do not know whether you acquired this title already in pdf form or if you converted the text from a hard copy book.
    If you are in need of books, I could send you a list of what I have and I would be happy to send whatever you choose so more people can have the opportunity you provide for good books. Thank you, Dolores Agins

  2. Dolores Agins says:

    Please remove the email address in my comments. Thank you. Dolores Agins

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