January 2015 in Review

January 2015


  • Gave a talk on discernment with Fr. Nick at St Paul’s Richmond
  • Stephanie Grey pro-life workshop
  • Fr Hector Villa seminarian retreat
  • Gave Lifeteen talk on drugs & alcohol at St James abbotsford
  • Went to Christian Youth Work Conference at Northview Church

Praying for others

  • Decided to write it down in my journal and keep record of it.


  • Go beyond just saying the words!

Planned for 2015 to be year of humility

  • Don’t talk about yourself.
  • Don’t complain, gossip, or boast.
  • Don’t give your opinion unless asked.

Searching For and Maintaining Peace book by Jacques Philippe

  • Quiet meditative prayer is the real source of interior peace.
  • “Ah, if one only knew what one gains in renouncing all things” – St Therese
  • I must want the holiest things in the way of the Holy Spirit (peaceful, detached), rather than the way of the human (agitated, impatient).
  • Peace of heart is the resting place of the Holy Spirit to bring about perfection the shortest & most efficacious way.
  • Practice daily greater amounts of peace.


  • You can only ask good questions if you have listened well.


  • “On the eve of our life we will be judged by how much we loved” – St John of the Cross
  • “When I do not know what to do, I question love, for love is the best counsellor” – St Faustina

Fr Abbot talk

  • No greater creature than St Joseph who we can look for to understand fatherhood, pray & journey with.
  • The Father’s love is always gratuitous, unconditional, personal, eternal.
  • Being in relationship is the key to fatherhood.
  • We only see the dregs of the glass, he sees the whole glass. That is why you must have gratitude before an examination of conscience.
  • Cracked bowl is only when light shines through. –> Your brokenness is not an obstacle to communicating God with others. Our very weakness brings us together. Share your brokenness with the broken. I want to share this radiance of God’s love that shines through my brokenness. The Lord has joined all my cracks together in grace.
  • * Fatherhood is not communicating some lofty stuff, but hope in brokenness, strength in weakness.

Fr Peter

  • Be a better son to parents
  • Be a better younger bro @ seminary & with my brother.
  • Don’t try to be an older bro until you are in the upper years of theology.
  • Same with young priests, don’t try to tear down older priests.

Jake Khym

  • What would your life be like if you completely trusted the Father with your entire heart? –> A life virtually free from worry, Jesus says it.
  • Sonship is the core of our identity – the enemy will go to attack it. Sonship occurs at baptism.
  • Where do you take the deepest questions of your identity? We all have very deep questions – the son takes them to the Father. The orphan takes them to others.
  • You need to go and find your identity from the Father.
  • The star grey-dot game.
  • Your actions reveal what you truly believe inside.
  • Boy – young adult – man – husband – father ,  son vs. orphan
  • 2 phrases: ‘expect & anticipate daily affection from the Father’ , ‘put absolutely no limits on God’s goodness.’
  • Sacrament of present moment – have the eyes of a mystic to see the Father’s love.
  • Son = sailboat (depend on wind, okay to be still). Orphan = motorboat (you have to control, drive, fill it up)

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship by Jack Frost

  • How can you be a father if you have never been a son?
  • Do you really think of heaven as your home? We either live our life as we have a home, or we don’t.
  • Whose mission are you on? Either God’s mission or the devils.
  • The Father’s Mission = experience His love (the great commandment) and give it to others (the great commission). Without love nothing else matters.
  • Follow Jesus’ example & focus your life upon being a son.
  • This is the Father’s Mission!
  • I am on the Father’s mission, not my own mission
  • The desert helps us discover whether or not the Father’s love is really all we need.
  • We can gauge our sonship by the honour & dishonour we give to the “little fish” in everyday life.
  • Daily renounce the hidden lies of orphan thinking – daily battle.

Fr. Hector Villa

  • Monk “super holy” , got hit by wandering monk, very angry told Abbot, Abbot said it’s a blessing for him. Glass, with sand at the bottom, looks clear when not disturbed. Underneath not good.
  • Mark 10:46 Blind man Jericho – do we see ourselves in this blind man? We have spiritual blindness. What do we beg for?
  • Can someone humilate you? Matteo Ricci China story was being spit on by passerbys, king took notice.
  • John 9 blind man mud used to wash, mud = sins. Mud obliges you to be more humble, to go & wash.
  • Who is God for you?
    • God is a God of history – when? Where is this God?
  • What do you live for?
  • Death – do you have an answer!?
  • Just as a baby who severs the umbilical cord in her mother’s womb, so a person that cuts lifeline from God must find fake alternatives to find meaning in life.
  • Abraham – we are all on this journey. Who is your Isaac? What Isaac is God calling you to sacrifice? (what you consider most precious). What idols are you trying to draw life from?
  • Exodus – word of God is active today. Plan of salvation – who is your pharoah? Who is your moses? Have you seen your enemies drowned in the red sea? What is your bread? Who are your idols?
  • Word of God – love letters.

Christian Youth Work Conference at Northview Church

  1. BROS, BIBLES, BRUNCH — small group idea.
  2. Bible study progression of Q’s – get going, get deep, get personal.
  3. Ask good questions & listen well.
  4. Engage with lose who least want to be there.
  5. Names – take name pics keep on file.
  6. You are not wasting your life in you are fighting to bring kids to Christ!

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