The Case Against Contraception and for NFP

We need to challenge this misconception that the Church is down on sex.

When we use contraceptives, we end up harming ourselves.

What is the purpose and meaning of sex? Purpose = babies & bonding. Meaning = wedding vows made flesh.

Each time a husband and wife become one flesh, they are renewing their marriage vows.

1. Free 2. total 3. faithful 4. fruitful.

Our culture has inverted these wedding vows. The culture is trying to make up in technique what they are missing in substance. If we can get back to God’s original plan, the conjugal love represents God’s love for humanity. God is the one who has brought this deeper meaning for our sexuality.

We need to understand the context of Christ’s marriage covenant with His Church. This marital metaphor is packed with meaning – this consummation of love between God and the soul.

“The Cross is the marriage bed of Christ” – St Augustine.

Contraception – is seen as a panacea for all of our problems.

1930 – Anglican Church allowed contraception in serious circumstances for some married couples. This paved the way for other protestant denominations to promote contraception.

1950 – Margaret Sanger got John Rock to invent the pill. The women in Africa became the tests for the pill and ended up dying as a result.

1968 – Pope Paul VI Humane Vitae – chapter 17 makes predictions that has come perfectly to fruition. The man losing respect for the woman. Teenage

Birth control results in 150 biological changes. Even the cornea of the eye changes. Breast cancer increase. The ripple effect is massive!

{to be continued}

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