November in Review

When enduring trials — what attitude does God want me to have toward this?

The Message of the Arrows — my whole life has been shaped by unique arrows. What is the message attached to these arrows & what is my interpretation?

Look through the lense of being an intercessor for everyone you meet, rather than the patient who expects to receive, look for how you can give.

Apostolate of the smile — especially when its the last thing you want to do. Show love for God through your neighbours.

Encounter with God — 1 of 3 things always happening. Healing, Intimacy, Maturity.

What are your ways to fill the void in your heart?

What’s your personal litany? You’ll need it when there’s dark times.

Spiritual Combat by Scupoli

— You must wage continual warfare against yourself and employ whole strength to demolish each vicious inclination, however trivial. This is why few reach perfection b/c they stop waging war after the noticeable battle is fought. Devil will instil great evangelizing ideas to prevent me from acquiring self-knowledge & true moritification. You must cherish that which is painful and difficult. Develop a counter-habit of holiness. Far greater to mortify even the smallest matters than let some inclinations stay unmortified and practice great penance or convert thousands.

— You must fight daily!! He has called us to this battle.

— Only aim at pleasing God, bring everything to Him first. Never choose or refuse anything except by bringing it to Him first — you should only desire what He wants (whether you have lots or nothing).

— As soon as you wake up —> What battle is going on? Call upon the Lord’s name! Take up the armour of distrust in self and full trust in God. Our Lord is watching you in battle.

— Never think you’re done with attacks.

— If you did not battle today, you lost!

— One act of self-denial worth more than all the treasures in the world.

— Fix your mind on the Lord at all times, sacramentalize everything.

How to rule the tongue — pride at the root of much talk, never speak of yourself or your doings unless necessary, then only brief and reserved. Only speak of your neighbour if there’s good to say. Think before you speak. Silence is a sure pledge of victory in spiritual battle. Even practice some silence from time to time.

— The harder it is, the more I need to do it.

— You must fight today’s battle!! Don’t get caught up in what I’ll be doing as a priest.

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